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We’re an innovator in imaginative Digital Marketing solutions !

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Admycampaign is a 360-degree Digital Marketing Agency. We are a gathering of experienced marketers, developers, and designers with enthusiasm for both innovation and brands having years of  experience. We expect to comprehend customer needs and transform ideas into real factors by sharing new techniques, imagination, and innovation to increase the most extreme piece of the overall industry in the advanced universe, in a quantifiable way. 

We are a result-driven online marketing agency specialized in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Online PR, Online Reputation Management, and many more. We design custom marketing strategies for our clients based on their requirements and business goals.


As a full-service digital marketing company, we review every aspect of clients  online presence despite their company’s volume and reach. With our expertise in analysis, progression, and plan, we build unique and customized online marketing solutions that are 100% achievable to ROI. Likewise, we keep focusing on the metrics that indicate the leads generation and revenue generation. We understand that tapping those goals drives businesses forward, and our clients’ progress is the best measure of our performance.

From experience, we’ve learned that each platform has its own set of benefits; they all work great when strategically paired with other media. That’s why we present full-service plans and adopt a blend of a digital platform to boost visibility, conversions, and returns. The Internet is our appetite, and we’re enthusiastic about promoting companies to reach their goals.

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 “Our vision is to bring connection between the companies and the digital world so that every business has its own share on the internet”. 


Our ultimate mission is to present our clients with customized, proficient Marketing solutions that accelerate ROI with our robust ethical business methods while serving inventive ideas, related skills, and technology.

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At ADMYCAMPAIGN, we focused more on quality than quantity. We focused not only on getting traffic but also getting the right kind of audience who are more likely to convert into consumers.

The core factors of our excellence lie in being

  • ROI Focused / Result Oriented
  • Innovators & Advancers
  • Targeted approach
  • High-touch Consulting
  • Internet enthusiasts and specialists
  • Responsible and Reliable
  • Excellent in Client Support
  • Transparent / Integrity

Our aims come from perfection, in the way we utilize our knowledge of digital marketing. Nothing makes us joyful than growth in rankings and revenue for our clients. Our sustainable competing service enables us to build authentic relations with our clients.

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Our Services

Online marketing agency that drives huge traffic, Quality lead Sales!

Search Engine Optimization

Want to get visibility for your new website or enhance the existing one? AdMyCampaign is the best SEO Company in India that wine fine-tunes your presence on the internet

Content Marketing

Kindle your brand with appealing content for your website, social media platforms, or an email campaign. With the best SEO practices and your requirements,

Social Media Marketing

Is your brand promoting enough on social media platforms? If not then you’re missing out! It is important to note that having a social media marketing strategy not only

Brand Building

Brand Identity makes consumers loyal, strengthens their trust. Brand Identity is a word acquired by the customer that connects with the identification

Email Marketing

To gain the most out of the email marketing approach, you have to create an influential campaign that encourages your subscribers to click on the email address and get

Search Engine Marketing

Some individuals are experts in Organic Results (SEO), some are good in Paid Results (Pay Per Click) whereas some are better at Social Media Marketing. 







Our Team

“Working together is a progress, achieving goal is a success.”

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta


Agency that amplifies all size businesses through its AI-driven services. Has vast experience in leading innovation-driven tech enterprises. Firmly believes in helping the businesses not be the best in the world but be the best for the world.

Ancy Nair

Ancy Nair

Client Relationship Manager

A competent professional having years of experience in Marketing & Branding, Public Relations, and Event Management with a strong visual sense. She loves to interact with people and find solutions to the marketing related problems.

Saif Ali

Saif Ali

Digital Marketing Expert

A digital marketing expert who loves to Identify digital trends & ensure that the brand is in front of the industry.  Skilled in creating responsive and dynamic websites, customizing modules, and setting up scalable servers is his forte.

Prajakta Shinde

Prajakta Shinde

Content Marketing Specialist

A certified digital marketer, & a perfect blend of both tech and marketing who loves to read and do blogging in her free time. Passionate about content creation, doing keyword research, & handling social media accounts. 

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We specialize in serving various business  Healthcare, Medical,  Real Estate, Retail, Finance, Hotels & Tourism, Small-medium Enterprises etc. Our specialized solutions assist our clients to generate assertive ROI.

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